The Prettiest Girl in the World

Their hearts caught fire
He dropped a cigarette in her lap
He was a total mess, yeah,
but he made her laugh.

He told her jokes she never got
But she just smiles
because she likes him a lot...

She was the prettiest girl
in the whole damn world....(repeat)

He was drunk but always happy
This was the girl he might marry
Put a ring right on her finger
Wrote the words he might sing her

He told her jokes she never got
But she just smiles
because she likes him a lot...

She was the prettiest girl
in the whole wide world....(repeat)

by the Dogs D'Amour...
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    "The Prettiest Girl in the World" by the Dogs D'Amour

I'm "Outing" a Friend...for us book readers

Hey, guys and girls...

I'm privileged to be myspace friends with a fantastic author of young adult literature and poetry named Tara L. Entwistle-Clark.

She's a better writer than Laurie Halse Anderson and Sarah Dessen combined (and I LOVE LHA and SD, mind you). Her novel, Butterfly in Winter, rings with a truth and realism uncommon in teen fiction nowadays. She writes with a wisdom beyond compare without creating an unrealistic voice for her teen narrator.

The novel tells a compelling story about how often teens do what the crowd expects them to, and how steep the price can be when they choose to conform. The ending is written so matter-of-factly that it becomes twice as horrifying, leading the reader to believe that it is an all-too-common experience for young girls.

Here are the links to her myspace and author web page...

I think her live journal is

But if that's wrong, go to my friends' list and look for mayburygrrl.

I was so blown away by her novel that I bought two copies of "Butterfly in Winter" for the school library where I work and I strongly recommend a wide readership for them.

If you know an agent or you are an agent, please take my friend under your wing!!!

Thanks for your time.

Mark Frye

It's a Joy...

...being undiscovered, handsome, talented, despised, spied upon, worried about, fretted over, ignored, loved, hated; it's a pleasure to inspire indifference, confusion, apathy, disdain, furor, antipathy, hostility, and judgment.

I just realized...

...that I seldom have a whole lot to say about myself.

And that's probably a good thing. The less I talk, blog, or write, the less people I alienate.

Maybe it's a guy thing; we "cut to the chase." Keep things simple. Keep things inside. Whatever.

A blog entry that's short and about nothing.
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Love Your Life...

...and learn to live without needing everybody to love you or even like your ass.

"Goodnight, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are," says Jimmy Durante. LOL.
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Upcoming Events, a Rant, and Shout-outs

Interview, WKZQ, 101.7, Myrtle Beach...8 PM, Wednesday, August 17th. We will be taking calls!

Book Signing, The Social, 515 9th Avenue, Myrtle Beach, 7:30 to whenever, Thursday, August 18th...lots of hardcore bands (four, to be exact). Come out!!!

The signing at Waldenbooks on August 7th went very well. We sold 16 copies in two hours. Please support Waldenbooks at Barefoot Landing on my behalf.

Major shout-out to those on-board with School Shooter:

you know who you are.
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